Thursday, July 14, 2011

baby baru.

Tak sabar nye, mama saya tengah mengandung esok pada 15/6/2011 pada hari jumaat baby yang ada dalam perut mama fiya dah nak keluar nanti kalau boleh fiya detak gambar baby fiya tu ye okay fiya dah nak kena pergi dah ni bye bye.....

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

my birthday at 6 july.

Today is my birthday. Me and my family went to the city we watch a water, and they were a big pond and they are so many stone big stone i walk on the stone it was very fun. Then we get to the train station we get in the train and talk and talk until we at Upfield station so we get out from that train. When we get at Upfield train we get in our car and went to Moreland. We went to the cake shop and bought my cake. It was a very good birthday i ever had.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

6 july.

On 6 july is my birthday but i didn`t do a party. sorry because i write very little. bye bye

Friday, June 25, 2010

School Holiday.

Tomoroow is a school holiday so i very happy i hope i can go watch Toy Story 3 again.I`m sorry because i write a little bit. BYE BYE...................... ^-^



Tengok Movies Toy Story 3.

On last Sunday me and my mum, my little brother, my little sister and my aunty went to go and watched the movies. I watched Toy Story 3 it`s was very fun. I watch Toy Story 3 at Malaysia. But my dad didn`t go to watched because he had a work to do.It was very funny.The funny part is when buzz the robot talk in Spanish.All of the people in the cinema were laughing because it`s funny.Buzz like Jasey while he was talking Spanish.Then when it was a dangerous part it had a fire then Buzz carry Jasey.You now i`m going to tell you something if you hear this maybe you couldn`t believe me we got Toy Story ticket in free so we all happy we shout and laughed because we just can`t belive it. And another thing i got popcorn and the water for free too it was very fun. Do you now that day was my favourite day of all my special day. When we finish watched that story we are still happy and were laughing. But i hope i can go with my dad too. But that`s okay because it was very fun too. So if you want to watch that story go and ask your mum or dad. It was very fun you all have to watch that story if you miss that story you unlucky. I`m sure you will watch that story okay until next time bye bye.............. ^-^

love from,


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

special day.

Did you know today is my special day.Today at my school I had learn Writing,Math,Sport and Intergred studies.I like learn at my school because when we had a playtime and lunchtime me and my Malaysia friend Anis,Effah,Amierah,Hajar and Khadijah and of course I play with my little sister Sofina.I play with my friend a monkeybar I love to play a monkeybar.I love at Australia school and tomorrow I want to play monkeybar at the playground again ohh sorry now it`s time for me to go bye bye......

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Kawan fiya punya birthday.

Today kawan fiya punya birthday.Date birthday dia ialah 18/2/2010 itulah date of my friend birthday.Nama dia ialah Hajar hari ini umur dia dah jadi 9 tahun.Okaylah fiya dah nak kena pergi dah ni bye bye.....